Has anyone perhaps created a report looking at open / undelivered purchase orders with the detailed line items on order i.e. , Supplier, Item description, Qty ordered etc?

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Hi  Annelize

You can try this container

inner join InvNum on iInvoiceID = invnum.AutoIndex
inner join _evGLaccountsFull on accountlink = iledgeraccountid
where DocType = 5  -- Purchase Orders
and DocState in (1,3)  -- Partial and Open
and iLedgerAccountID <> 0  -- GL only

As always please check to your Evolution report

Thanks Frans. That helped allot. I am sorted.

Sorry for the late reply

Hi Annelize, 

If you are wanting some help with a report like this, we can help you. Please email me on meg@customconsultingsa.co.za - I have a consultant that only works with Evolution reporting.


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