Stock Movement S50US (C35-0-1)

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I am having a lot of trouble with this report .  Purchasing report is empty.  Reference container "Purchase Analysis StockMovement"  I do not see this in my Container List.

I do not understand the Excel Sheet ItemList , it does not populate with all my inventory items.

Hi Wayne

I suggest you download the new Report Utility. We no longer publish the reports to this website. All the reports are uploaded to the Report Utility which allows users access to all the Free reports, and this utility automatically downloads and imports these reports into your Sage Intelligence report Manager for you. 

Watch this short 6 min video to show you exactly how it is done. 

You only need to download the Utility once and this will give you access to all the new reports. 

Check out this webpage which gives you and overview of all the Reports Currently available for Sage 50 US 

Hi Ruth.

I have downloaded this report using the report utility.

When I run the report the purchasing does not some thru.  The sheet with purchasing data is blank.  

Also the item list sheet appears to be limited in its size.


Hi Wayne, i do have a fix for this. please could you inbox me your email address.


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