How to Add a Free report

If you would like to have your own free report added to this Free Reports Group, please follow the structure as specified below:


When you click the button at the bottom of the page, you will see a screen that looks like this:

In the 'Discussion Title' field please full in the name of your free report as well as install base that it is applicable

In the 'Post' field you will add all the details applicable to your Free report, this will include: The Title, Install base, Application of the Report (solutions it solves and uses),
pre-requisites, you would also attach a screenshot (max width: 500px).

For Business Partner who have a reports section on their own website please include the url to download the report from your site.

In the 'Tags' field you may add the same information as you did in the Discussion Title field.

If you do not have the free report already available on your own website, you may attach it by using the ‘Attach Files’ field.

Then you may use a line or two telling the user what your company is about and adding some contact information such as: contact name, email, website and contact number.

Below is an example template for adding your own free report templates, add your own information in the required fields. You may copy and paste and change the fields as required.


Template for Adding 'Free Reports':


In the 'Discussion Title' field: Free Report Name – Install Base

In the 'Post' Field:

Title: Free Report Name

Install Base: Name and Version of the Install base


Describe how the user would be able to use this free report with a summary of its solution features.

[Your own free report Screenshot goes here]


If the report is hosted on your website: You can download this Free Report by clicking here: (link
to your site where the report is hosted)

If you used the attachment feature instead: Your Free Report is attached below, simply right-click and select ‘save-as’ to download.


[Here you can add more information about you and your company, remember to add contact information, contact name, email, telephone number and website address]



DISCLAIMER:This Sage Intelligence Community group facilitates the sharing of free reports. Sage Alchemex is not responsible for and does not support any report templates from third-party consultants and report writers. Please be prepared for customers to contact you directly with support queries on your report templates that they have downloaded off the Free Report Templates Group.


You may also download the PDF version of this How-to guide here.

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