Sage 300 SQL 6.1+ ERP - Consolidation Report Designer Add-In Report including active/inactive accounts - BETA

Version: S300SQL (C52-0-1)

Platform: Sage 300 SQL 6.1+

Support Excel Versions: Microsoft® Excel® 2007 and above

Report Description:

This enhanced Report Designer Add-in now includes all accounts and excludes all zero balances.

The Report Designer Add-in an alternative to the current Report Designer which  empower users to take control of all design aspects of their reporting layouts.

The report allows users to drag and drop from a task pane straight into their workbook to pull through the relevant information from the general ledger to be reported on.  Separate menu items on the task pane include Lists (Accounts, Financial Groups, etc), Formulas (Actual, Actual YTD, Budget, etc) and Reporting Trees.


  Additional features include:

  • This report is compatible with  SQL 2005+
  • All accounts are being pulled through irrespective of their status (Active/Inactive).
  • Zero balances are being excluded for Actual, Budget and Statistical information.
  • The demo report is based on SAMLTD demo data and has existing layouts which include Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow and Departmental layouts
  • Note:  Before you rely on this report, you should test to verify that it works with your company data.








Special Instructions: Please go to the following video link to watch on how to import this report into Report Manager.


Download from:Click here>>


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