Can anyone offer any suggestions for me to get started with Intelligence Reporting?

I am very familiar with Sage Departmental Reports but I don't know where to start with the new Intelligence Reporting. I generated a report and I ended up with an excel spreadsheet with thousands of rows and columns of data.

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Hello Pam

The latest and greatest Sage intelligence website is there for all your needs.

Follow this link for your queries in particular:

From here, you'll have access to free webcasts, white papers, tips and tricks on Excel and intelligence reporting, downloads and the free report utility which enables you to download more free reports. 

Let me know if you have any other questions


Thanks for your response David. I have been searching through this site but I have not yet been able to find something specific that explains how to create reports.

When I generate an existing report from Sage Accounting it is nothing useful and I cannot even enter any criteria. How do I use the existing reports?

I am looking to create departmental reports.  We have would like to have a report that displays the budget amount in the first column and then the actual expenses for each month along the top.

Looks like you need the financial reports designer portion of intelligence reporting.

Here is a webcast illustrating that:


Thank you David, I appreciate your help!

Have a great day!

Hi David,

Do you know where I can get help creating reports by department?

I would like to see a budget sheet for each department in the same excel file.

This video only shows a combined income statement and I don't know how to specify a date.

Just wondering if I can chat or skype someone for assistance.


Email me at


Thanks David I will be sending from my work email

I will send a sample of what I would like to do.


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