I was wondering if it is possible to create new Categories for Sage 50?  I can create additional reporting groups but have not been able to figure out how to create additional GL categories.  I can even live with use the existing GL Class codes if it is available.  Thank you.

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Hello James

What categories are you looking to create?

Any examples?

Hi David,

Instead of Asset/Current Asset, I would like to be a bit more granular.

Such as:

Cash & cash equivalent

Trade and other receivables


Capital assets

Short term investments

Within the account setup, the account class (nAcctClass) breaks it down further. Would be nice if I can add the class codes into the report.  Thank you.

Hi James, David

We have done this but outside of the standard Financial Reports.

We have also used the 'Additional Info' fields at GL Account level for such grouping; we do this often.

Both of these methods would most probably require reaching out to a BI consultant.

The easiest but less robust way is to add a new column in the 'Lookup' tab and type the category description on each line for each GL Account. Then use the descriptions in this column on the face of your report and do a 'Sumif' formula to the 'Lookup' tab.


Have you view the sample data file?

Within Asset Categories, you can sub-divide into Current Assets, Inventory Assets, Capital Assets, Other non-current assets.

When you set up the account, you can choose type such as Group Heading, Subgroup Account, Subgroup Total, Group Account, Group Total. Then you can create additional GL categories within the Main Group.


Brenda, the configuration you refer to is great but does not reflect in the standard report that way.


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