Sage 50 Canadian Edition Intelligence Reporting

Creating a commission report from scratch using Sage Intelligence

 [Suggested Audience] Beginner and Intermediate and Advanced

Enhance In this session Dave and Darlene Smith from Phase One Computing will take you through the steps of creating a commissions report from scratch and sharing some Sage Intelligence and Microsoft Excel tips along the way..

27 July 2017

Ignite your Excel skills for more impactful reports,Part 3 – Financial report enhancements

 [Suggested Audience] Beginner and Intermediate

Enhance your financials by learning how to group accounts, adding drop-down lists and using buttons like scroll bars for filtering. See how you can create more impactful financials.

26 July 2017

Ignite your Excel skills for more impactful reports,Part 2 - Pivot Tables and Power View

 [Suggested Audience] Beginner and Intermediate

Have you always wanted to learn how to use Pivot Tables for better reporting? Now you can! See how easy it is to create and modify Pivot Tables so your reports are more impactful. Power View is an Excel feature that is even easier. Watch how simple it is to use Power View.

19 July 2017

The X-Factor Report Writers Series, Part 6: Creating custom layouts using the Task Pane

 [Suggested Audience] Advanced

Looking for inspiration on how to lay out your data in Excel using Sage Intelligence? This webcast aims to empower you to create a masterpiece using the Task Pane.

18 July 2017

Learn how you can create informative dashboards with Sage Intelligence and Power BI

 [Suggested Audience] Advanced

In this webcast, you'll discover what types of dashboards you can create using Sage Intelligence and Power BI.
This webcast will feature:
- Brief summary of connecting SI and Power BI
- Step by step information on creating your own dashboard
- Overview of additional dashboard to inspire innovation

13 July 2017

Ignite your Excel skills for more impactful reports, Part 1 – Formulas and formatting

 [Suggested Audience] Beginner and Intermediate

Learn a few general formulas like rounding numbers and time values, moving rows and columns, add a field to a Pivot table, using Slicers to enhance your reporting skills.

12 July 2017

Discover how you can easily create dashboards using Sage Intelligence and Microsoft Excel

 [Suggested Audience] Intermediate

Are you interested in creating Dashboards, but not comfortable using Pivot Tables? Join this webcast as we demonstrate how to build interactive reports using Excel PowerView.

21 June 2017

Upskill yourself in Excel Today!

 [Suggested Audience] Intermediate

Keeping Improve your skills and reduce the time it takes you to get work done. Upskill yourself now with this Excel-focused webcast, and empower yourself get through your work faster.

15 June 2017

The X-Factor Report Writers  Series Part 5: Creating a management Pack using the Layout Generator

 [Suggested Audience] Advanced

Are you duplicating work with the creation of management packs? Learn how to create all of the financial report templates you need using the Layout Generator!

08 June 2017

Getting Started with Sage Intelligence and Power BI

 [Suggested Audience] Intermediate

Keeping track of key business indicators while you’re on the go can be critical to your business success. By combining Microsoft Power BI with Sage Intelligence, this is easily made possible.
In this webcast, we’ll look at how to access the Power BI Service, set up your Sage Intelligence reports, connect them with Power BI, create dashboards, as well as how to share them, and view them online.

11 May 2017

Discover the latest tips and tricks with Sage Intelligence and Microsoft Excel

 [Suggested Audience] Intermediate

Learn Are you tired of copying and pasting information to your reports and changing them every month?
Discover how Sage Intelligence provides all you need for customizing the report to the way you need to see your information.

03 May 2017

Learn how to connect to multiple data sources using the Connector Module

 [Suggested Audience] Intermediate

Learn how to connect to other databases, as well as how to connect to an Excel workbook as a Data Source.
Discover how to create unique Excel Expressions, and how to consolidate the information from the Excel workbook with other source data—to provide you with the information you need.

25 April 2017

The X-Factor Report Writer Series - Part 4: Taking full advantage of the Reporting Trees functionality

 [Suggested Audience] Advanced

This eye-opening webcast reveals how you can use Reporting Trees to make filtering and analyzing your data easier. With a few examples from customers who have taken using Reporting Trees to the next level, you'll be amazed by how they added drop-down lists to select the Reporting Trees they wanted to use.

11 April 2017

Take advantage of these top Intelligence Reporting and Excel tips: Part Two

 [Suggested Audience] intermediate

This is the second in a two-part series where, among other tips, you will learn how to filter unique values and create a pictograph to bring life to your report and make data analysis that much easier..

29 March 2017

Discover the power of the sales report using Excel and Sage Intelligence Reporting

 [Suggested Audience] intermediate

In this webcast, you will be guided through how to take the sales report to another level. This will enable you to view your top customers, top products and top sales reps, and help you discover how to convert that information into interactive charts.
We will look at how you can use bar and line charts to identify trends in products, and how you can identify your most loyal customers

10 March 2017

Take advantage of these top Intelligence Reporting and Excel tips: Part One

 [Suggested Audience] intermediate or advanced

In this webcast, we will guide you through Pivot Tables - while empowering the recipients of your workbook with the ability to filter, drill down, or add other fields to the report. 
You will also learn how to further customize this report with a few finishing off tips to help you tailor it to meet your personal preferences. 
Finally, you'll discover how to create a basic macro, and learn the pros and cons of using these in reports

07 February 2017

Upskill yourself on Data Containers using this Sage Intelligence Reporting and Excel tip: Part Three

 [Suggested Audience] beginner or intermediate

In Part Three of the Intelligence Reporting and Excel tips series, we look at using one of the Data Containers that was imported while using the Report Utility to access new reports. You will learn how to select the data you want from the Container and transform it into meaningful information that you can base key business decisions on. Then, using the Excel tip on TRANSPOSE / Flash fill and Data Validation, you'll be saving your report in no time, thereby providing a template for the next time you run the report out.

08 December 2016

Learn how to quickly add a report to your Financial Report Designer in Sage Intelligence Reporting

 [Suggested Audience] beginner or intermediate

Many of our customers want to know how they can add a Sales report to the Financial Report Designer. If you're one of them, join us for this much anticipated webcast. In this session, we add a sales report to the Financial Report Designer and show you how easy it is to create a dashboard overview on both Sales and Financial data. You can also use this method to add Project codes to the Financial Report Designer.

07 December 2016

Financial Ratios Part Four: Does your company have enough cash to pay your suppliers? Learn how to monitor this using Cash Flow

 [Suggested Audience] beginner or intermediate

After looking at the financial health and performance of your company, we are now going to look at Cash Flow Ratios, which you can use to focus on the cash being generated and the safety net that it provides for your company. 
Sometimes customers purchase items on credit, and while you may look profitable, you have not received that cash as yet. It is important to know what is outstanding to you as it can hurt the financial health of your company, leading to you not having the cash to pay your suppliers..

06 December 2016

Financial Ratios Part Three: How to discover if your company can soon cover its debts using Liquidity Ratios

[Suggested Audience] beginner or intermediate

With Profitability and Debt Ratios completed, we'll now take a look at Liquidity Ratios in Part Three of the Financial Ratio series. Liquidity Ratios attempt to measure a company's ability to pay off its short-term debt responsibilities, while maintaining its day-today operations.

01 December 2016

Upskill yourself on consolidated sales report using this Sage Intelligence Reporting and Excel tip: Part Two [Suggested Audience] Beginner and Intermediate

In Part Two of the Intelligence Reporting and Excel tips series, we use an already downloaded Sales report and show you how easy it is to change it into a consolidated Sales report for multiple companies. We will then look at creating PivotTables to display the data with a few icon sets created using a conditional format.

22 November 2016

Upskill yourself on customizing your reports with charts using this Sage Intelligence Reporting and Excel tip: Part One

In Part One of the Intelligence Reporting and Excel tips series, we look at the Report Utility and how you can download a report suitable to your needs, and then customize it further using our Excel tips on charts. One of these great tips will show you how to use the camera tool in Excel.

16 November 2016

Financial Ratios Part Two: How to identify your company's financial risk using Debt Ratios and Sage Intelligence Reporting

Now that you can identify what the financial position of your company is in Part one, let us look at the Debt Ratios. These are the ratios which tell you the company's overall debt load, and provide you with the mix of your equity and debt. 
Debt ratios are very important and can be used to determine the overall level of financial risk to a company and its shareholders

15 November 2016

Financial Ratios Part One: Understanding the Financial performance of your company using Financial Ratios and Sage Intelligence

In this webcast, we show you how to measure the profitability and financial performance of your company using Financial Ratios. These ratios give you a good understanding of how well the company used its resources in creating profit. 

Knowing if your company is going to make a profit short and long term is vital for both the survivability of the company, as well as the benefit received by shareholders
09 November 2016

Sage 50 Canadian Edition 2013 Business Intelligence: Report Designer
The webcast recording highlights the Financial Report Designer and all the associated features.
6 November 2012


Sage Simply Accounting Intelligence: Commissions from the ground up
The webcast recording highlights reporting and analysis solution integrated with Sage Simply Accounting software.
14 May 2012


Sage Simply Accounting Intelligence Connector SQL Query and SQL Join type containers
The webcast recording highlights the Sage Simply Accounting Intelligence Database Administration Tool.
31 October 2011


Sage Simply Accounting Intelligence Getting Started
This is the reporting solution you´ve been waiting for. This is Sage Simply Accounting Intelligence. With Sage Simply Accounting Intelligence you have customized reports, on–demand, without having to manually update any worksheets.
18 August 2011



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